The third result of the project comprises a VRLE Resource Directory aiming to facilitate the adoption and implementation of VRLEs in HEI teaching practices.

This directory includes publicly available materials (e.g., 3D models, freely available VRChat assets etc.) to be used in VRLEs.

Currently, the amount of publicly available resources is massive and growing fast. Most often, educators interested in utilizing them in their -physical or virtual- classrooms face difficulty in assessing them and choosing appropriate and/or usable assets.
Moreover, such materials are unclassified, thus difficult to assess their utility for the particular requirements of HEIs education.

The VRLE Resource Directory enables the documentation and classification of publicly available material (e.g., by discipline, such as Physics, Archaeology, Computer Science, Medical Sciences, etc.), allowing HEIs teachers and educators to quickly browse them based on their interests, and choose the appropriate ones for their classes.

In this way, the REVEALING resource directory saves valuable time when preparing VRLEs lectures or even lectures supported by other types of ICTs, since it provides HEI instructors not only with compatible and meaningful publicly available materials for lectures powered by VRLEs, but also with materials that could be incorporated in conventional lecture syllabuses, thus improving their overall quality, and ultimately benefiting HEI students.

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